My classmates are geniuses!

Well a lot of food for thought this week, starting with some excellent content catalyst presentations.  I honestly had to start a Word Doc to get down some of the fantastic information that was being presented.  A major take-away for me, in terms of my major project, was just how imperative it is that digital citizenship and digital identity be taught to elementary school students.  It was very interesting to listen to Jessica and Katie express how important they see developing digital literacies and citizenship in high school students, and then to stretch it even further, to  gain insight from Krisanne’s experience in post-secondary education.  I’m really starting to gain an understanding of why the development of Digital Citizenship education in the Middle Years is so crucial.  (In addition, I may take away a little T-Swift motivation music to get my students going!)  So many amazing ideas and perspectives that I can utilize to build upon when developing my unit!  To quote the Pointer Sisters, “I’m so excited” to get going on this project…

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Upon reading Carter’s Blog, I was drawn to one quote in particular, “I gave my students a voice and together we came up with a very interesting and effective policy that will keep our class engaged and safe when it comes to technology”.  I think this is such an imperative consideration in terms of engaging students and making their learning experience relevant.  If we want our students to “buy-in” to what we’re teaching, they need to be part of the process.  In addition to their involvement in the inaugural stages, I think it’s imperative to encourage feedback from them and do regular check-ins throughout the unit.  Similarly to Carter, this is certainly a learning experience for me as well, and I hope I am able to capitalize on this unique opportunity for authentic collaboration and learning alongside my students.  In fact, I sincerely hope that they will take the opportunity to teach me a thing or two along the journey!

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Finally, I was very intrigued my Alec’s comment concerning “What is beyond Ribble’s 9?”  I think this is a very significant issue, due to the quickly evolving nature of technology.  If we, as teachers, are tasked with the responsibility of teaching and developing digital citizenship among our students, we need to be thinking about what’s coming next, and how do we equip our students to deal with new issues as they emerge.  I believe the key to this is to stay connected to our students.  Foster relationships of trust and sharing, so that they feel comfortable to come to us as they encounter new challenges in their technological world.


One thought on “My classmates are geniuses!

  1. danielleistace

    It is interesting how so many of us in this class are at different learning levels with regard to technology and digital citizenship, yet we can ll use the same content as catalysts to stretch our capabilities to new levels. It doesn’t seem to matter how much a person knows about technology, there is always further to go. As you and Carter have pointed out, this can easily be done along side your students as well! As a Grade 1 teacher, I find this very fascinating to think that I could learn alongside mine, but I definitely think that if framed the right way, an innovative learning opportunity can be created for all! 🙂 Thanks for sharing Bree!


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