Proposed Major Project

Due to the increasingly prevalent presence of the technological age, and specifically social media, in my middle years classroom, I have decided to focus on digital citizenship and awareness for my major project.  I would like to create an inquiry based unit that really encourages the participation and engagement of my students.  As indicated in the The Secret Social Media Lives of Teenagers article, “[A favorable] option is to help young social media users realize that their online and real-life experiences are more intertwined than they may think”.  Parents, or in my case teachers, need to shift focus from censorship to instead encouraging students to develop their own standards around appropriate online behaviour.  I would like to design lessons that illustrate real-world, relate-able situations, and encourage the students to generate the solutions through collaborative research and discourse, so that they will be better-able to incorporate their learning into their own digital citizenship practices.


3 thoughts on “Proposed Major Project

  1. Hi Bree! I agree that it’s time for parents and educators to begin shifting from a censorship approach to one that encourages students to think critically and develop their own online standards of appropriateness. I think that your project is going to cultivate some really great lessons that many teachers will want to use in their classrooms as well! I see this being particularly relevant in middle years classrooms and hope that primary teachers also begin integrating some of these ideas into their classrooms so that we can begin to teach digital citizenship as early as K/Grade 1. I look forward to following along and learning from you!


  2. joemcgurran

    The focus makes sense to me. We don’t have any trouble with telling our children what not to do online, and the dire consequences of those actions.

    But we do have more difficulty with replacement behaviours. What do we expect? What is appropriate? Permissable?

    Social media is here to stay, so we need to take it for what its worth and help our students (and political leaders?) use it wisely.


  3. danielleistace

    Love this project Bree. Maybe your students could find a way to share some aspect of digital citizenship with my Grade 1s when they are working on this with you! I am sure my students would love it!

    P.S. Your blog looks fantastic! 😉


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