An Introduction

Class 10!!  It honestly seems as though the time has flown by, but when I look back on my educational journey, so many things have transpired over these last 3 years.  When I began in the EADM Masters program, I was in my third year of teaching, had recently purchased my first house with my boyfriend, and thought that 10 p.m. was a perfectly acceptable time to “hit the town”.  Fast forward past an engagement, a wedding, the birth of our first child, and the purchase of our second home, and I consider blogging on a Friday night a nice, relaxing night in.  Fingers crossed I make it past 9:00… How times have indeed changed!!

Having a very hectic schedule is the story of my life.  I thrive on it.  However, over this past year I have begun to expect this type of look from my son when I walk in the door:

Sully confused

Almost as if he’s implying “Who are you again, and what are you doing in my house”.

While I’ve honestly enjoyed every class discussion I’ve taken part in, every colleague that I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know, and the diverse professional development opportunities that I’ve had the privilege of engaging in (notice I did not mention writing papers… I will not miss those… never again), I know that it’s time to return to my family.

Beginning this journey, I would have never fathomed taking a Saturday morning class, as it would completely interfere with my sleep-in schedule.  This semester I’m not only taking a Saturday class, but doubling up on classes, in order to be as available to my little family as I can be, and still accomplish the professional goals I have set for myself- and let’s be honest, I don’t even remember what a sleep-in is.

Needless to say I’m beginning to feel a little giddy that the end is near.  Cue this little diddy from Simon and Garfunkel…

I’m thrilled to be taking this course with Alec, because I’ve not only heard great things about the content and structure of his classes, but who better to learn about digital citizenship from than a guy with 122K Twitter followers!  Trying to gain a better understanding of technology, how it can be beneficially incorporated into classroom lessons, and how it effects our students is one of my most recent professional goals.  This year I joined the staff at one our city’s new P3 schools, which is very well equipped with technology and opportune for innovation, however I’m a tech rookie at best.  I’m very much looking forward to learning more about how to better use technology in my classroom and lesson development, as well as how I can assist my students in becoming more aware and responsible digital citizens (in addition to hopefully instilling in them the value of regular deodorant application following Phys. Ed. periods).


One thought on “An Introduction

  1. Bree, I really enjoyed reading this post. Your voice and humour came through and I look forward to reading more of your posts. I am excited to be taking another class with you and learning alongside you. Hope you enjoy your last semester of your EADM Masters!!


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